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know best are still getting into misbehavior. >> peter dumont, first of all, who are you representing? who is paying for any cybersecurity that your organization has? >> my organization does not have cybersecurity. wet we do, three years ago recognize there was a need to start discussing and educating about cybersecurity and air control. likembers are individuals air traffic controllers, companies like lockheed martin. >> the airlines? >> yes, some airlines. just about every part of aviation is a member of my organization. we recognize three years ago that we need to start educating and what we did is we started putting aside a cybersecurity day in place. we got members from all the different parts of the industry together and did tabletop scenarios and operational scenarios because that is really the problem. we have operators other than need to be educated, air traffic controllers. we do not have the same issue we have that somebody might open an e-mail because the e-mail system is a different system than the air traffic control system, obviously. but if we cannot recognize that a t
and redundancy and response and recovery programs like we did with hurricane sandy. >> host: peter dumont as president ceo of air traffic controller association. mr. dumont your answer to that question? >> guest: there have been attacks on the system. they are not well publicized and they're not talked about because it's confidential information in office we don't want any people to know how the air traffic control system works. it's difficult to explain it on a soundbite. it's happened in alaska. what's being done now is we have very adjunct infrastructure for air traffic control. it's been around since the late 50's, early 60's antigenic so different equipment. right now we are in a modernization phase where we are modernizing the land-based air traffic control system to state-based satellites and gps on that type of thing. as we do that we need to look at how we are going to prevent cyberattacks and how we are going to keep people from getting into the system. basically right now it's education. it's letting people know what to look for how to identify threats, what threats look like a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2